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Our team consists of global analysts and traders in the world of crypto trading, possessing important knowledge as well as very vigorous outcomes in this thriving market. We are interested in sharing with you our brilliant information.

Our goal is to assist you to achieve:

  1. A yearly profit on deals and a steady financial return.
  2. Information on the latest happenings in the crypto market
  3. A real rise in your fund hence of your investment
  4. The two major global currency exchange websites we cooperate with include Bittrex and Poloniex
  5. Notice: Within a year, you can possibly acquire as many as BTC 1000 from just BTC 1- with yields of 2 to 3% daily.

Your benefits.

  • Lectures on how to master the cryptocurrency market.
  • All technical and analytical aspects will be taken care of by us
  • Help you design your financial independence
  • Provide you signals on a daily basis.
  • You will receive approximately 60% income about 10 depth levels.
  • You will obtain information about the highest relevant crypto-currency
  • We will offer assistance in the creation of your investment portfolio


For more than 14 years we have been trading on and analysis the stock market, all of these experience we have had in these years, and just two years ago, we have completely switched to the crypto market.

Crypto Agent Bots major drive to switch over to the crypto market is not the money, we are only captivated by the Blockchain technology, also our yearning to make sure the vision of creating a better world is passed down to as many people as possible. 


In the past, we have learnt about the drawbacks that also comes with success. In this elite circle, when everybody seeks to enjoy intimacy as well as family life. It is mighty clear to us that some people are thought of to be part of one network marketing company or the other. Nonetheless, we will like you not to consider us as marketers or Show-Makers, for we are not such.

It will interest you to that in recent months, prior to getting started with the (global) market, we made use of a test group of Russian-speakers to test our Crypto Agent Bot.

Interestingly, our Crypto Agent Bot boost of the best in terms of opinions and reviews.

How to become part of “Crypto Agent Bot” CAB?

1- Install the Telegram application on your smartphone (it can as well be used on your PC) through this link

2- Click this link:

3- Join the group and click/start

4- As soon as you are in the group, click “Share my contact” and you will see this:

5- Click “Purchase subscription” to select your package and send the amount in BTC to a particular wallet.

6- A message will be sent to you on Telegram as soon as the amount of money in BTC that you sent is received. Any delay you might encounter varies according to Blockchain (it can take up to 24h).

7- Click the “Finance” button, then “Pay for package”

8- Now you are a member and you will receive signals